Monday, November 21, 2016

Samurai set

Samurai set

Samurai set

Hand painted. Eggshell. Perfect condition

Eggshell eggshell egshell

Fine porcelain. Light n very delicate . Vintage

Vintage Collections

Porcelain Tipis dan halus seperti kulit telor
Made in japan.
Vintage set
Plas call/wattsup

Eggshell vintage embossed set

VINTAGE Eggshell Japan Embossed

Egg shell embossed

A complete hand painted embossed Teaset ... Vintage ..rare .in mint perfect condition..
Pls calll 012 376 1487

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Vintage pelita n table lamp

Perfect condition. Pls call/wattsup 012 376 1487
Clearing in a set of 4 items


ASet of 4 pc vintage Franciscan  tableware
Lorraine Marroon
A cup n saucer
A soup dish n round platter
Made in california u s a
Discontinued 1952
Gold lining
Perfect condition
Pls call/ wattsup
012 376 1487

Vintage orange collections

Clearing in a set of 5 pcs . Perfect condition
Pls call /wattsup 012 376 1487

Sweet chocolate vintage glasses collection

A set of 3.items . Clearing in a lot. Perfect condition  pls call 012 376 1487

VintageLampshade n table lamp

items in perfect condition
.clearing 2 in 1
Pls call /wattsup 012 376 1487

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Vintage colored Glassware

Untuk d jual berbagai items
pls call/wattsup
012 376 1487
On email pls tq

Wexford USA punch bowl set

Wexford u sa
Consist of
1 base bowl
A top bowl 14inc
Cups 20 pcs
A ladel
Pls call/wattsup
012 376 1487

The 5 Green Collections

Vintage glass  ware
In a perfect conditio
sell 1 lot of 5 pc s
Pls call / wattsup
012 376 1487
no email pls tq

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Noritake teaset japan

Made in japan
22k gold lining
6 cups n
6 saucers
6 dessert plates 8 incs
6 cake plates 6 inc
1 teapot with cover
5 dessert bowls
Pls call /wattsup
012 376 1487

Teaset Noritake Japan


22k gold lining

Noritake dinnerset Arlene

Made in japan
vintage discontinued item
Platinum lining
Incomplete set
7 pcs Dinner plate
8 pc salad plates
8 pc desert plates
8pcs cups
8 pc saucers
7pcs dessert bowls
1 vege oval bowl
1pc 14 inc oval platter
1pc 16 inc oval platter slightly chip but repaired
1 milk jar
1 sugar pot ..cover handle defects total 52 pcs
As it is pls call or wattsup..
012 376 1487 no email pls tq

Johnson Bros wash basin

Pitcher 1ft high × 10 width
Basin 16 inc width
No defects
vintage  year around 1900
Pls call wattsup 012 376 1487
No email pls tq

Vintage Noritake Japan

Teaset Noritake
Made in Japan
Discontinued item
22 k gold lining
6 cups
6 saucer
6 cake plates 6 inc
 1 teapot with cover
6 pcs dessert plates 8 inc
5 dessert bowls
No stain  or scratches.or chips 
Pls call or wattsup
012 376 1487
No email pls tq

Vintage Green Collections

2 canister with covers
1 footed glass bowl round
1 footed tall vase
All in mint condition
Plss call or wattsup 0123761487
No email pls tq

Pelita sail boat

Untuk pelita sail boat ..pls call or wattsup 012 376 2487 . Tq

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Pelita Sail Boat